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Creating the bridge between Innovation & Nature

A place to stay, work, and be in a community centered around
regeneration, innovation and tech for good.

Join our community of regenerative tech changers:

From the village to the world

We're rebuilding an abandoned mountain village to create a

global community where people connect around technology, regeneration and togetherness.



A place to work and experience a tech community that builds innovative projects and businesses. 




A place to live in an authentic rural space where you can connect with yourself, your loved ones and a like-minded community.



A place to be in symbiosis with nature while 

regenerating and bringing prosperity to the land around us.


We aim to provide a personal transformation experience that will give you the tools to change your life for the better.

Re-generation village

5 dimensions of a Re-generation village

Re-building houses

A village of eco-housing for a glocal community of entrepreneurs, digital nomads and remote workers. 

Re-growing nature

Restoring 230 ha of mountain forest to rebalance nature based on syntropic agriculture, soil regeneration, agroforestry and reforesting. A way of living where all things and beings live in harmony.

Re-circular economy

A perfect cycle of re’s. Everything works by reconnecting, reusing, repairing, reducing, reconstructing, refurbishing and recycling. Plus, sharing, leasing and not wasting is our motto.

Re-farming ideas

Plenty of space to work, to design new projects, to create new things, to experiment with new technologies, to put your dreams into practice, and to learn and explore.

Re-planting balance

The quietness to slow down and to work a better schedule. A village to transform yourself, reframe your thoughts and to reborn. Wellness with an eco-gym, daily meditations and yoga classes.


Creating a worldwide community from Silveira, Portugal

Heading 3

We’re in this village, together.

Through this journey, we believe that creating synergies between organisations that align with our sustainability and innovation values is the way to go.

SilveiraTech - Parceiros_PT (1)_edited.jpg

Let's re-generate the future!

We don’t necessarily have doors, but if we had, they would be open 24/7.

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