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The bridge between Innovation and Regeneration

By developing locally we can scale impact globally.

We are revitalizing two ancient villages in the mountains of central Portugal, creating a global community of social and technological innovators, scientists, students, artists, and seekers of change.

Transformative Education


An immersive experience of personal & professional transformation, fostering new regenerative leaders for businesses, communities and Nature itself.

Disruptive Innovation


Impulsioning the bridge between innovation and environmental thriving, supporting new solutions while guiding the regenerative transition of traditional corporates.

Ecological Regeneration


Commited to create a
long-term regenerative system in more than 220 hectares and developing resilience, food security and water protection for future generations.

Going beyond sustainability

Silveira Tech is meant to disrupt how we look at work, life, and today’s society. Our goal is to promote technological potential as a catalyzer for regenerative transformations.

Only together we can make a difference. Join us:

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work retreat

Re-imagining our village

Our villages are designed to create a futuristic experience in symbiosis with nature, where our community can live a balanced life between working on innovative solutions and enjoying the many possibilities happening in our Hub. An immersive experience based on the re_connection with ourselves, with a vibrant community, and with Nature itself. 

Silveira village

From Silveira to the world

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together.

Silveira tech goes beyond it's frontiers. We are developing a movement of collaboration and co-creation with stakeholders from multi sectors, such as Tech Companies, Accelerators, Universities, and Local Supporters.  

Two ancient villages in the heart of
Portugal, Serra da Lousã

Silveira Team

The time to act is now!

We are working with full energy on the construction of the villages in Silveira Tech. Meanwhile, connect to us and become part of this story!

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