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Be part of the change


Why become a member?

First and foremost, we couldn't make it without you.


From planting of trees to managing rain water, from designing and implementing waterways and many more, all this funding will go directly onto regeneration, and how can you know that your money is being spent wisely?

We firmly believe in transparency, so we'll be detailing all expenditures related to the subscription on our website. You'll know exactly how your contribution is being used.


Also, members will have direct channels to communicate with us, the ability to help us plant and regenerate, and free tours of our land..


At Silveira we created an Environmental NGO called AVX - Associação Vale do Xisto. This way we can have a fully committed and independent team to develop one of the biggest environmental regeneration projects in the country

With more than 230 hectars of land and a 50 year mission, we need a steady stream of income that will allow us to fulfill our dreams of restoring native forests back to Serra da Lousã!

If you still have any doubts please don't hesitate get in touch with us, we will be thrilled to answer your questions.


To Whom will you donate?

You're an organization and want to help us regenerate?

Everybody is welcome to support us!


And we know that sometimes organizations require tailored partnerships for the projects they support.

So, if you, as an organization, want to have an active role in creating a beautiful and biodiverse native forest please feel free to reach out!

Volunteer with us

Would you love to help regenerate our land?

As a pioneer of this project, you're paving the way for the future.


You will be able to embrace a meaningful project that fits your deepest aspirations about regeneration and community living.


You will have the opportunity to learn permaculture in practice with experienced mentors that are happy to share their knowledge.


Get ready to get your hands dirty! You will help us collect seeds, plant trees and prepare the land for the future.


You will join a transformative community with like-minded people. Together, we are a regenerative power!

Brave Hearts Program

We're setting up a program that's more than just volunteering. Embark on an educational journey and prepare to be transformed into a regenerative leader!

We're seeking volunteers with availability between September and March!

Be part of the change

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