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Join us on our Journey towards a Regeneration Revolution!

For the past year, we've been moving from meticulous planning and designing to actively implementing a regenerative system across 230+ hectares of our beautiful mountain in Serra da Lousã. This is where you come in!

By becoming a member, you not only directly contribute to environmental regeneration efforts including tree planting, waterway design, and rainwater management; but also gain access to exclusive benefits:

📜Transparency: We're establishing regular reports so you know in detail when, where and why the funds are spent.

🤳Engagement: Direct communication with our dedicated team.

🫡Hands-On Experience: Participate in planting and regeneration activities.

🦎Exploration: Enjoy free tours to witness the transformation firsthand.

Why Should You Join Us?

This isn't just a project—it's a movement. Your membership supports one of Portugal's largest environmental regeneration projects, contributing to a legacy that will span generations. From September to June, engage in volunteer opportunities that are as educational as they are impactful. Organizations can also form tailored partnerships to align with their sustainability goals.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel, where we frequently share our journey for everyone to keep up with!

How You Can Get Involved

There's 3 ways in which you can participate:

  1. Donate trees, become a member, and be part of something bigger than yourself. Your involvement is crucial in turning this vision into reality.

  2. If you want to help us implement our project hands-on on our mountain, check out our Volunteer Guidebook and get in touch!

  3. If you represent an organization, or now one that wants to be a part of the coolest regeneration project around, please get in touch with us at

We are the ones we have been waiting for

Join us on this journey! Let’s create a legacy of regeneration and renewal together. Your commitment today shapes the forests of tomorrow.

To learn more and become a member, visit our membership page.


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