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regeneration project

Developing a long-term
regenerative system
for future generations

We're creating one of the largest forest ecosystems

based on permaculture principles in Portugal.

Re - starting from
the ground up

We are re-planting 220 hectares of land around the village of Silveira located in Serra da Lousã, Portugal.

We're looking for all the help we can get in creating a thriving diverse and autochthonous forest for future generations.
Yes, our goals are bold. Are you?

permaculture principles
humans connected with nature

Re - shaping the portuguese landscape

Portuguese forests have been struggling with the occupation of acacia and eucalyptus monocultures, lack of planning and maintenance, resulting in deforestation and deadly wildfires every year.

We believe there's an alternative. Our forests can still be resilient, biodiverse, and productive in a system where humans are re-connected with nature.

Re - designing
the modern village

The villages built by our ancestors don't suit the needs of our generation.

We're building a village based on regeneration, technology and community values that will change the way we live our lives for the better.

building village based on regeneration

Volunteer with us

Would you love to help create a regenerative land?

As a pioneer of this project, you're paving the way for the future.


You will be able to embrace a meaningful project that fits your deepest aspirations about regeneration and community living.


You will have the opportunity to learn permaculture in practice with experienced mentors that are happy to share their knowledge.


Get ready to get your hands dirty! You will help us collect seeds, plant trees and prepare the land for the future.


You will join a transformative community with like-minded people. Together, we are a regenerative power!

Brave Hearts Program

We're setting up a program that's more than just volunteering. Embark on an educational journey and prepare to be transformed into a regenerative leader!

We're seeking volunteers with availability between September and March!

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