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Travel destination: Purpose-driven Community

Exploring new places, creating meaningful connections, learning and exchanging culture. Traveling has always been an essential part of humankind’s culture and in today’s fast-paced society, the goal of the year of many people, who can finally take a moment out of their jobs to truly “enjoy life”.

From an economical perspective, Tourism has become a major industry, having a permanent presence in our daily lives, where on a global scale, 1 in every 10 people works directly or is related to the industry, according to the WE Forum. This intensive flow of people and resources caused many transformations in the dynamism of cities and housing all over the world.

But in the last couple of years, things have changed dramatically. The COVID Pandemic caused a big shock in all economic systems, provoking industries to rethink & adapt their strategies to maintain value even in uncertain times. Tourism was probably one of the industries that got hit the hardest.

Even though there weren’t many disruptive innovations in the basic model, the needs & goals of travelers have changed. One interesting tendency to analyze is the changes in habits noticed in the Digital Nomads movement. Once, they were probably the most dynamic group of explorers, living the geographical freedom that remote work provides, traveling, and discovering new cultures.

With the pandemic’s physical restrictions and an increased environmental concern, part of this group is rethinking its priorities, opting to make fewer travels with longer stays (reducing their carbon footprint), maintaining their search for a community that provides a true feeling of belonging.

Communities shouldn’t only be seen as a way to relate with your friends or stakeholders, but as a striking force to make transformations. One framework which you can use to map and harness the power of communities is the Community Canvas, published in 2017 by the Swiss community builder, Fabian Pfortmüller.

The heart of every community will always be its Purpose! This essential sparkle will keep everyone connected, moving forward, and continuously growing. The commercial aspect leaves space to put focus on values that truly resonate with your public. And here is where the true potential lies!

We are living in a unique chapter in human history, where technological advances are automating a diverse range of processes, works, and even art; while the climate change effects are becoming more evident every day.

This is the moment of transition where we can re_view, re_think, and re_imagine our goals as an individual and as a society, understanding that we are responsible for our carbon footprint but we are also capable of using creativity to perform regenerative actions whenever and wherever we are.

In this mindset, Tourism shouldn’t be only about a client/consuming model but also a potential community of local impact. What skills could be developed to empower people for transformation? How can we encourage the spreading of best practices? How to create a global impact by developing locally?

Our goal in Silveira Tech Re_generation Village is to develop a diverse community of innovators, remote workers, students, scientists, and artists that pass through a transformational experience, developing skills to become regenerative leaders for their businesses, their communities, and Nature itself.

The inhabitants of Silveira are aligned with the mission of going beyond sustainability. Neutral isn’t enough. By empowering ourselves, we can leave this place/world a better place than before.


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