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silveira forest regeneration

Regenerative Designer & Practitioner


21st APRIL - 7th MAY, 2023

Empower yourself to be a
Regenerative Designer & Practitioner

The Regenerative Systems Design Retreat is an embodied learning journey of 16 days

of immersion in 220ha of mountain forest and abandoned schist villages in Central Portugal.  This course includes, and goes beyond, the traditional Permaculture Design Course (PDC).

Course Info

  • Where?
    Be ready for a time travel! ​ The Regenerative Systems Design Retreat will take place along the ruins of an ancient village of the XIII Century, where the project SilveiraTech will develop in the next years. ​ Our land is located near Lousã, in Central Portugal, which has a medium of 2 hours of distance from Lisbon or Porto. ​ The course will have a residential scheme with camping accommodation facilities.
  • When?
    Aligned with the natural cycles, the course will happen in the Spring of 2023, our first "Regenerative Primavera". You are welcome to come on Friday 21st to give a hand with preparations or just to arrive and connect calmly to the place. ​ The lessons will start in the evening of Saturday, the 22nd, and end after breakfast on Sunday, May 7th. ​
  • What's included
    All our regen graduates will receive the International Permaculture Certificate to take the next step into a green career. ​ We will provide 5 vegan meals a day: breakfast, coffee break, lunch, tea break, and dinner made with delicious local bio-vegetarian/vegan food cooked by an experienced hired cook. ​ The fee also includes access to the camping park, hot showers, toilet paper, water, gas, some design materials, tea, fresh spring water, and fruits that will always be available. ​ If you have any food restrictions (allergies, intolerances…), please inform us as soon as possible so we can arrange the logistics to accomplish this.
  • What to bring
    To ensure you have a good and comfortable experience here, we created this list of important things to bring. ​ » A camping tent » Warm bedding/sleeping bag » Appropriate clothes for warm and cold temperatures » Waterproof clothes for rainy days » Waterproof boots to work on the land, with a firm sole » Tough gardening gloves » Eco body products, eco toothpaste, etc...
regerative systems
change is possible
put more energy to save mother earth
discover new things about nature

Contribution Values

To participate in the 16 days of the transformative experience Regenerative Systems Design Retreat you can choose between our categories of Early Bird, Regular or Abundant Ticket.

Besides covering the operational costs, your participation will also support the regenerative masterplan being implemented in SilveiraTech.

Regenerative System early bird



* only 5 tickets available


This fee covers the operational costs of the retreat. 

Available until March 15th

Regenerative System regular



Regenerative System abundant



The abundant fee includes a 1-on-1 Zoom call with Mauricio Umann 1 month after the retreat on topics ranging from Inner Development to Project Consultancy.

Regenerative Master

Maurício Umann

A warm-hearted Regenerative Leader & Educator with a deep theoretical & practical experience in Permaculture,

Natural Building, and Community practices. 


Since 2005, Maurício has been teaching, consulting,

and setting up projects in urban spaces, Ecuadorian

mountains, Mediterranean landscapes, cold climates, and subtropical spaces in Portugal, Brazil, Germany, France, Peru, Hungary, and Romania.

Mauricio has been developing the Regenerative Masterplan for the 220 Hectares of Land and Villages for Silveira Tech, the astonishing land where this course will take place.

Regenerative System Master Maurício Umann
Regenerative System Design Programme
Regenerative System Programme
Regenerative System Programme
Regenerative System Programme
Regenerative System Meeting

Guarantee your place!

To secure that everyone has a transformational experience, we have decided to have limited tickets available in this edition.

To complete your application you can make a bank transfer and send us the proof of payment in the email

IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 60245360001 35

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