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Silveira Tech Re_generation Village

Silveira Tech is mean to disrupt how we look at work, life and today’s society. It combines our background in Tech with our ability to regenerate, revitalize and give new purpose to beautiful nature-immersed places.

The project has 2 symbiotic and interconnected hearts - 2 ancient, abandoned schist villages within 230 hectares of mountain forest. One, located at Silveira de Baixo, will be a high impact, regenerative, long-term tourism operation that will host a community passionate about tech and innovation. It will be equipped for long-term stays (minimum of 2 weeks and up to 9 months), where the inhabitants can work, relax, network and, just as importantly (if not more), play. The other, located at Silveira de Cima, will host the Regen Center - an Action Learning and Research space on permaculture, agroforestry and syntropic farming. We aim for it to be an international school with hands-on learning in the land. It will be equipped with a Volunteer Center, places for long-term stays, communal kitchen, an auditorium, research labs, etc.

Our Regeneration project stands on 3 pillars: The Villages, The Land and The Human Being. We aim to bring forth a personal transformation experience within a community of tech entrepreneurs, remote workers, artists, digital nomads, students and scientists.

Our goal is not to change the world, but be bold enough to point a way. A way back to a symbiotic relationship with Nature and with each other. A way in which we leverage technology and human connections to bring our systems (social, economic, business models, etc.) into a new paradigm.

We don’t want to just be an isolated project high up in the mountains. We want to co-create this future with whoever you may be - an enthusiast, a project leader, a curious soul -, as long as our dream resonates with yours, you’re welcome to help us manifest it.

Let’s co-create the future together?


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